Are you a buyer, seller, or real estate agent?  At All Things Exterminators, Inc., we have helped many people sell and buy homes termite free.  With Tennessee being an area that is well populated with termites, it is important to have a complete and thorough evaluation of your home.  Termite treatments and repairs can be very costly.  Before purchasing your nest home, let us inspect it for you.

1.  Inspection: Including perimeter, inside striation, under striation and any outside buildings (upon request).

2.  Documentation: Including WDIIR (wood destroying insect inspection report), graph, and digital pictures.

3.  Recommendations:  Removal of any contributing factors leading to infestation.

4.  Treatments:  Including current and/or Future Recommendations


Buying, selling, either one requires a WDIIR inspection or report. We will inspect your home or business, record our findings on digital film, create a graph of the structure, and fill out the WDIIR that is required for FHA, VA, and Conventional loans. In most cases that charge is $50.00 depending on area of travel.